What's The Buzz

One of initial descriptions of the project, then hosted at github.com/nojs was

Sane language to produce javascript code that works in browser and on node.js

Some time passed, more experiments followed, and it became obvious that this no-js kind of approach applies to a variety of topics and has a number of pleasant implications. That was the time when project was killed and organization spawned at github under the same url.

Here are some in-progress experiments:

Actually, it's prototype-based implementation of c3 linearization algorithm found in python or perl. It does allow to have multiple inheritance in prototype-coherent javascriptish way.

It's metalua's gg inspired, or, to be more precise, metalua's gg rip implementation in javascript. It was so awesome to read all of Fabien's posts on it, and I wanted it so badly in javascriptland, that I couldn't resist having it here ripped-off.

I don't quite get what that title could stand for, but it's extensible processing tool for js that allows you to have any and all of that fancy or not syntax extensions and all AST-manipulation and macro-defining facilities.

Allows erlang-line processes to run on nodes evenly in browser and on server. Consumed well with syntax bindings.

Some bookmarks for future works